“Haaretz” poll: Labor leads, Yisrael Beyteinu close to electoral threshold

A Haaretz poll published today shows that Labor would win the most seats if the elections were held today.

Ben Bernstein comments:

Despite the fact that building a left wing coalition will not be easy for Herzog, he has to be thrilled with these poll results as his campaign looked dead in the water a month ago.

Another person who has to be happy is Moshe Kahlon whose Kulanu list gets 11 seats in the latest poll. As Kahlon sits on the right left divide, he would seem to be the kingmaker for who forms the next coalition and how that coalition would look.

Someone who willl be unhappy is FM Leiberman who is dangerously close to the electoral threshold.

The full results of the poll are as follows:

Seats Party
24 Labor
21 Likud
13 Joint Arab List
12  Yesh Atid
11 Habayit Hayehudi
11 Kulanu
7 Shas
6 Yahadut Hatorah
6 Meretz
5 Yachad
4 Yisrael Beyteinu
Source (Hebrew): http://www.nrg.co.il/online/1/ART2/682/941.html