Channel 10 Poll: Labor leads

The latest Channel 10 poll shows both the Likud and Labor losing seats compared to previous polls. The poll was taken after a report from the state controller was released, criticizing various expenses and spending habits by Netanyahu during his tenure as Prime Minister.

Labor leader Herzog would still need to convince multiple centrist parties who lean right to support him in order to form a coalition.

The big winner in this poll is Moshe Kahlon whose “Kulanu” party returns to double digits after almost a month at 6-8 seats. Naftali Bennett can also smile as his party recovers to a respectable 13 seats.

The full results are as follows:

Seats Party
23 Labor
22 Likud
13 Habayit Hayehudi
12 United Arab List
12 Yesh Atid
10 Kulanu
7 Yahadut Hatorah
7 Shas
5 Yisrael Beyteinu
5 Meretz
4 Yachad (Yishai)
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