Channel 1 Poll: Likud 27, Labor 23, Bayit Yehudi down to 11

TV Channel 1’s poll released today shows Likud with a four seat lead over Labor, and the total right-wing block is comfortably ahead of the left, meaning Netanyahu could most likely put together a government with little difficulty and might even be able to keep the three top ministries (Defense, Foreign, Treasury) within the Likud.

Bayit Yehudi continue their drop in the polls following the Eli Ohana debacle. Polls have shown them receiving between 11-14 seats, a far cry from the 17 they were polling at a month ago.

Seats Party
27 Likud
23 Labor
11 Habayit Hayehudi
12 United Arab List
10 Yesh Atid
7 Kulanu
7 Yahadut Hatorah
7 Shas
7 Yisrael Beyteinu
5 Meretz
4 Yachad (Yishai)
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