New Maagar Mochot poll; Likud and Labor tied at 24, Bayit Yehudi with 14

A new poll by Maagar Mochot shows that both the Likud and Labor would get 24 seats if the election were held today.

After losing seats in the last couple of polls, Bayit Yehudi stabilizes somewhat at 14 seats. That being said, if these were the results of the election it is hard to imagine anyone but Netanyahu becoming Prime Minister as it would be virtually impossible for Herzog or anyone else to cobble together a coalition of at least 61 seats.

The full results are as follows:

Seats Party
24 Likud
24 Labor
14 Habayit Hayehudi
12 United Arab List
11 Yesh Atid
8 Kulanu
6 Yahadut Hatorah
6 Shas
5 Meretz
5 Yisrael Beyteinu
4 Yachad (Yishai)
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