Lieberman announces Yisrael Beyteinu list

Yesterday, Foreign Minister Avigdor Leiberman unveiled Yisrael Beyteinu’s list for the upcoming Knesset.

Yisrael Beyteinu started with 11 MKs in the last Knesset but ended up with 13 because of the resignation of multiple Likud MKs and the fact that Yisrael Beyteinu ran on a joint list last election with the Likud.

Polls have shown the party winning between five and nine seats following their bribery scandal.

The order of the list is as follows:

1. Avigdor Leiberman

2. Orly Levi-Obixous

3. Sofia Landover

4. Ilan Shochet

5. Sharon Gal

6. Chamad Amar

7. Robert Illatov

8. Oded Porer

9. Yulia Milinovski

10. Shira Mistrial

11. Alex Miller

12. Leon Litinsky

13. Arkadei Pumbitz

14. Dr. Shimon Ochiyon

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