Hotovely wins recount, Netanyahu may place Dichter in 11th spot

Tzipi Hotovely successfully appealed to the Likud party court regarding the primary two weeks ago. The court found that mathematical errors led to Avi Dichter being awarded the 20th and last realistic spot on the Likud list. In reality, Hotovely got 16 more votes than Dichter despite initial reports showing Dichter with 55 more votes.

Dichter took to his Facebook page to blast the decision which would move him into the 26th (and likely unrealistic) spot on the Likud list. He promised to appeal to the district court and to the Supreme Court if necessary.

There are reports that PM Netanyahu will look to end this saga by placing Dichter in the 11th spot on the Likud list. Netanyahu gets to pick who will be in the 11th and 23rd spot on the Knesset list and may be interested in ending the drama between Hotovely and Dichter.

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