Bayit Yehudi unofficial Knesset list

Below are the unofficial results of the Bayit Yehudi’s upcoming election list.

Party chairman Naftali Bennett easily won reelection and has the option to add two more people to the list in realistic positions, which would push others down the list. If he chooses not to add anyone (besides Yinon Magal whom has already been added), this is what the list will look like in the upcoming election.

1. Naftali Bennett (Party Chairman)

2. Uri Ariel (Tekuma placement)

3. Ayelet Shaked

4. Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan

5. Nissan Slomiansky

6. Uri Orbach

7. Yinon Magal (Chairman Placement)

8. Shuli Mualam

9. Betzalel Smotrich (Tekuma placement)

10. Moti Yogev

11. Avi Wortzman

12. Nir Orbach (Central Committee placement)

13. Rabbi Brigadier General (Res.) Avichai Ronzski

14. Orit Struk (Tekuma Placement)

15. Yehudit Shilat (Reserved for woman)

16. Ronen Shuval

17. Sarah Eliash (Reserved for woman)

18. Zvulun Kalfa (Tekuma placement)

19. Rabbi Avichai Boron

20. Rabbi Moshe Solomon

21. Danny Dayan

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