Labor primary results: Big win for Yachimovich

The Labor party has concluded tallying up yesterday’s primary votes and the result is a big win for Shelly Yachimovich and her allies. Not only did Yachimovich finish 1st (she will be 3rd on the list after Herzog and Livni), her allies Stav Shaffir and Itzik Shmuli finished 2nd and 3rd behind her.

Allies of Herzog in the party such as Eitan Cabel, Meriav Michaeli and Erel Margalit finished lower on the list, hurting their chances of getting a ministry in the event Labor wins the election.

If Labor loses the election, Yachimovich would be poised to run against Herzog and regain the party chairmanship she lost two years ago.

Manuel Trajtenberg will be on the Labor list, most likely in the 11th spot, although that is not final. Therefore his name does not appear below.

The full Labor list is as follows:

1. Isaac Herzog (Party Chairman)

2. Tzipi Livni (Hatnuah)

3. Shelly Yachimovich

4. Stav Shaffir

5. Itzik Shmuli

6. Amar Bar-Lev

7. Hilik Bar

8. Amir Peretz (Hatnuah)

9. Meirav Michaeli

10. Eitan Cabel

11. TBD jointly by Livni and Herzog

12. Erel Margalit

13. Miki Rozenthal

14. Revital Sved (Reserved for a Woman)

15. Danny Atar (Reserved for Kibbutz or Moshav Member)

16. TBD by Livni

17. Zohir Bahalul (Reserved for non-Jew)

18. Eitan Brushi (Reserved for Kibbutz or Moshav Member)

19. Michal Biron (Reserved for a Woman)

20. Nachman Shai

21. TBD by Livni

22. Eilat Nachmanis Varbin (Reserved for a Woman)

23. Yossi Yona

24. TBD by Livni

25. TBD by Livni

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