Tekuma to decide on Knesset representatives today

Today, Tekuma’s 100-member central committee will decide who will represent the party in the upcoming election.

As part of Tekuma’s deal with Habayit Hayehudi, Tekuma representatives are to be placed in the 2nd (reserved for Chairman of Tekuma), 9th, 14th and 18th spots on the joint list.

Most polls show Habayit Hayehudi gaining between 15-17 seats, meaning the 1st three Tekuma seats are seen as realistic while the 4th is unlikely to reach the Knesset.

Uri Ariel is running unopposed for Chairman and therefore will almost certainly be placed in the 2nd spot. He also drafted a letter to the Tekuma Central Committee urging them to reelect MKs Orit Struk and Zvulun Kalfa.

Others running in Tekuma include Nachi Eyal, Betzalel Smotritch, Itzik Zargrari, Amitai Cohen and Eyal Sheli.

The results will be available today at 20:30 Israel time.

Source (Hebrew): http://www.kipa.co.il/now/60456.html