United Arab Party would get 13 seats, Shas would disappear

The Maariv poll published yesterday also asked how the Knesset seats would be divided if the Arab parties (Balad, Ra’am-Tal and Hadash) were to run as a single entity in the upcoming election. The poll showed such a party gaining 13 seats, a two seat improvement from the previous poll and the current Knesset, while strengthening Likud and Bayit Yehudi, and weakening Meretz.

The other surprising result would be that a united Arab party would push Shas under the electoral threshold, meaning it would not return to the next Knesset. This would be a shocking turn of events for a party that has held a double digit number of seats since the early ’90s.

Knesset seat distribution if the Arab parties ran as a united list:

Seats Party
24 Labor with Livni
24 Likud
18 Habayit Hayehudi
13 United Arab Party
11 Yesh Atid
7 Kulanu
7 Yahadut Hatorah
6 Meretz
6 Yisrael Beyteinu
4 Eli Yishai
Source (Hebrew): http://www.maariv.co.il/landedpages/printarticle.aspx?id=457818