Poll: 80% of Israeli Arabs support uniting the Arab parties

A poll conducted by Stat Net and published in the “Kul Al-Arab” newspaper indicates that 80% of Israeli Arabs are in favor of  the Arab parties running as a single party.

The poll of 829 Israeli Arab citizens, including Muslims and Christians, also showed that 45% of the respondents thought that MK Ahmed Tibi is the most appropriate candidate to lead a unified party, with Muhmad Brakha in distant second place at 3.5%. Of those polled, 40% didn’t want to answer or didn’t know whom to support.

According to the poll, 62% of the 800,000 eligible Israeli Arabs intend to vote in the upcoming elections, compared to 56% who did vote in 2013.

Nazareth-based Kul Al-Arab is Israel’s most influential and widely read Arabic-language periodical.

Sources (Arabic): http://www.alarab.net/Article/654351  (Hebrew) http://elections.walla.co.il/item/2812422