Will Orit Struk prevent a Tekuma Yishai merger?

Rabbi Meir Mazuz, dean of the Kisei Rahamim yeshiva and spiritual adviser to Eli Yishai, said today on the radio station “Kol Barama” that there will be no women on Eli Yishai’s new list. He said that this has been the policy of the ultra orthodox parties since the state’s inception and he has no plans to change that.

Tekuma, the conservative nationalist orthodox party, is unlikely to run on its own and has been linked both to Bayit Yehudi and to Eli Yishai’s party. However, they did have a woman on their list last election, namely Orit Struk. Rabbi Mazuz’s comments would seem to indicate that Tekuma would either have to compromise on Struk or merge with Bayit Yehudi if it insisted that Struk remain in the party.

Source (Hebrew): http://www.kipa.co.il/now/60038.html