Tzvi Yechezkeli declines offer to be on Shas list

Looking perhaps to add star power to Shas’ party list, Aryeh Deri offered a spot to Tzvi Yechezkeli, a news personality from Channel 10 who also now has a program on the newly formed channel 20.

Yechezkeli said that the reason for declining the offer has nothing to do with Shas or Aryeh Deri, whom he respects, but rather his desire to stay in media as opposed to politics.

Yechezkeli grew up secular but became observant in the last couple of years, though he wouldn’t label himself ultra orthodox. The offer to Yechezkeli comes on the heels of yesterday’s polls which showed Shas receiving just four seats in the upcoming election, which would be their worst showing since the 1980s.

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