Knesset Channel poll: Shas 4, Eli Yishai 4

A new poll following Eli Yishai’s departure from Shas and declaration of intent to form a new party indicates that Shas would be left with four seats and Yishai’s new party would collect four seats.

It is important to note that this poll had Tekuma running alone where they did not cross the electoral threshold. Tekuma is expected to run either with Bayit Yehudi or Eli Yishai’s party.

Knesset seat distribution, according to the latest poll from the Knesset Channel, if elections were held today:

Seats Party
22 Labor with Livni
22 Likud
15 Bayit Yehudi
10 Kulanu
10 Yesh Atid
9 Yisrael Beyteinu
7 Yahadut Hatorah
7 Meretz
5 Hadash
5 Ra’am/Ta’al
4 Shas
4 Eli Yishai